Pass The Kvassier

Pass The Kvassier - Wild Mind Artisan Ales

This weekend, come by the tasting room to knock back a few pints of kvass, the OG sour beer. A Russian and Eastern European staple in homes and on the streets, kvass is a low ABV, naturally-fermented drink using sourdough bread and sourdough yeast cultures..

Pass the Kvassier, a traditional kvass ale, was brewed in partnership with John Kraus, owner of Patisserie 46 and a James Beard Award winner. Patisserie 46, a French bakery right down the road from us in South Minneapolis, provided us with 60 loaves of their vollkornbrot (a german sour rye bread) and some rye malt to make a mash that was then fermented using Patisserie 46’s sourdough yeast culture. The patisserie’s house yeast provided the beer with an incredible depth of flavor, which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s had any of their breads or baked goods (and if you haven’t, get on it).

Pass the Kvassier is a light, refreshing take on a classic style that goes down easy at just 3.3% ABV. The kvass was naturally conditioned in the bottle for six weeks for added depth of flavor and has rich, spicy notes, a light tartness, and subtle stone fruit undertones to accompany the bready base.

Pass The Kvassier will go on sale this Saturday (5/19) at 12pm for $10 per bottle. Forgotten Barrel Society members can get in early to buy bottles starting at 11:30am. A total of 200 bottles will be available, limit 4. We will also have a special firkin on tap with caraway seeds.