Welcome Three New Foeders to the Wild Mind Wood Cellar


Last week, we rearranged the entire Wood Cellar to install three new 30bbl foeders from Foeder Crafters. More than 180 barrels and three 350 gallon blending tanks were moved and restacked for these three new Missouri American Oak foeders.

Pronounced food-ers, our beautiful brand new oak vessels join the six original Italian foeders in the Wood Cellar and will allow us to ferment and age our sours in a controlled environment. Not only do they look amazing, the new foeders will save on space and allow us to pack even more funk into our limited storage space.

These three 30bbl foeders represent 180 kegs (or 357,120 ounces or 22,320 pints) worth of added capacity. The fresh oak will be used to enhance our own terrior that we’ve been building over the last two years, while also providing a new depth of flavor to our beers.

We also created 4 new blending tanks from 90-gallon cognac barrels. These punchdowns will help us create more small-batch sours, enabling even more funky experimentation.

The Wood Cellar has come a long way since we opened our doors two years ago, and these new foeders are a huge step forward to fulfilling what we set out to do — create the wildest, funkiest, most complex, and best mixed fermentation beers that we can.


Stay tuned.