Spontané© 2018:Carefully Crafted Chaos

Wild Mind Artisan Ales Spontane 2018

Wild ales takes time and patience  to create. Developing complex depth of flavor means waiting for a beer to be ready for months, or even years. As we begin our third year at Wild Mind Artisan Ales, beers we brewed when we first opened are beginning to make their way to your glass, and they were absolutely worth the wait.

On Saturday, October 20, we’re hosting the 3rd Annual Festival of Oak at the tasting room. This event is a celebration of barrel-aged, mixed-fermentation beers and no beer embodies that idea quite like Spontané© 2018.

The latest in our spontaneous fermentation series, Spontané© 2018 is a blend of one- and two-year-old spontaneously-fermented wild ales that were brewed using our custom-built coolship.

To create this blend, we selected two barrels from each year that would be complementary to one another. The goal was a complex, spontaneously-fermented wild ale with a perfect blend of funk and tartness. In the end, we blended one barrel from each year that was brewed using aged hops with a traditional turbid mash, and one barrel from each year that was brewed using more modern methods.

Each part of the blend was fermented outside in our coolship (which you can see in action during Festival of Oak, weather permitting). This process imbued loads of native flora and bacteria into the beer, which over time creates that funky goodness we were looking for.

The resulting wild ale has a nose of old barnyard funk, dried hay, lemon, and citrus. Spontané© 2018 is dry and tart with stone fruit notes and a earthy, funky finish.

Bottles of Spontané 2018 will be available at Festival of Oak for $20, limit 4. For more details on Festival of Oak, click here.

See you out there.