Pash Bash: A Dragon-Sized Fruited Sour

Pash Bash - Wild Mind Artisan Ales

This Friday (9/8), we’re tapping a real beast of a beer: Pash Bash, a blended sour with passion fruit and dragon fruit. Three different beers were blended to create a blend that would complement the tart, tropical fruits. Pash Bash started with our gold Vitesse sour, a soft, clean sour with mild acidity, and then to add more depth, we transferred a barrel of aged beer from one of our foeders to add some tropical notes and a hint of funk.

To finish, we added a barrel of a brett beer that aged on the fruit dregs of the barrel’s previous fruited-sour occupant. This barrel-aged brett beer provided Pash Bash with a touch more acidity and a wonderful tropical aroma.

Once we had the base beer blended to our liking, we added more than 700 pounds of passion fruit and dragon fruit purée to create a lightly tart, vibrantly pink beast of a sour. That’s right, 700 pounds of tart and tropical fruit went into making Pash Bash, and you can kick off your weekend with a glass or two of this incredibly beautiful and refreshing sour.

See you in the tasting room.