Beers on Tap

Tasting Menu For The Week - March 19th, 2018

Arillus | Golden Sour, 4.8% ABV

Aged on pomegranate puree in red wine barrels for more than a year, Arillus packs a major pomegranate punch. This golden sour was blended to balance the acidity of the base beer with the sweet, tart flavor of the fruit.

Uppers and Downers | Coffee Milk Stout, 6.5% ABV

Aged on coffee beans that were aged in Tattersall apple brandy barrels, Uppers and Downers isn't far beyond your typical coffee milk stout. Sweet and roasty like drinking an iced coffee, this stout brings out the bitter and brandy flavors from the barrel-aged beans to accompany a heavy malt bill and milk sugar.

Fleur | Table Beer, 3.9% ABV

A dry and unspiced Table Beer that is light and peppery brewed with native wild yeast and microflora. Notes of lemon, lime, and orange

Das Nanners | HefePorter, 8.3% ABV

This German twist on a Baltic Porter was fermented using a blend of our mixed culture yeast and a traditional hefeweizen yeast. A dark malt bill provides notes of chocolate to pair perfectly with the banana-notes from the hefe yeast's esters. The end product was conditioned on coconut flakes to round out this unique porter with a hint of sweetness.

jet puffed | Stout, 7.0% abv

Jet Puffed brings the campfire to the tasting room with this smoked stout. Brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa nibs, Jet Puffed pours rich black and has notes of toasted marshmallow, smoke, and chocolate malt. 


Caramelized milk sugar, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and coconut flakes provide Troop 6031 with layer upon layer of sweet, cookie-like flavor.


Tangy Hugs, a sour IPA brewed with our native wild yeast, tangerine purée, and milk sugar. Then dry hopped with Centennial hops. The resulting sweet haze bomb is tart, tropical, and bursting with fruit flavor.

Velvet Crush | IPA, 6.5% ABV

This IPA has Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade hops added post whirlpool to create a smooth bitterness with a delicious, juicy finish.

Northern Bloom | Pale Ale, 5.8% ABV

Brewed with Citra and Azacca hops, this pale ale has a light malt build that allows the lush, tropical fruit flavors to shine through. Packed with flavor at a low ABV, Northern Bloom is perfect for a long evening in the tasting room.

Tipper's Grove | barrel aged cider ale, 6.0% ABV

A spontaneously fermented barrel-aged cider that is tart and dry with notes of oak and white wine.