Beers on Tap

Tasting Menu For The Week - August 22th, 2017

Silla  | American Wild Ale,  5.8%ABV, 5BUs

A fruited wild ale using our house sour blend of yeast and bacteria. We smoked 462 pounds of peaches for three hours over alderwood. Notes of light smoke and peach.

Teacher’s Pet |  Imperial Breakfast Stout, 9.2%ABV, 45IBUs

Booze and caffeine, a teacher’s two favorite things. An imperial stout aged on coffee and cocoa nibs.

Vanilla Rye Saint Edward | Dark Farmhouse,  6.2%ABV, 25IBUs

For this version of Saint Edward, we replaced a large portion of our dark malts with chocolate rye malt, lending a more roasted coffee and chocolate forward dark farmhouse ale. The addition of Madagascar vanilla beans smooths out this ale with a sweet creamy finish.

Raspberry Hibiscus |  American Wild  Ale,  6.5%ABV

A fruited wild ale using our house sour blend of yeast and bacteria. We added 462 pounds of raspberry purée and 10 pounds of hibiscus flowers.

Tipper’s Grove |  Cider,  6.0%ABV, 25IBUs

A dry and tart spontaneous fermented barrel aged cider.  Notes of oak, white wine, and old orchards.

Weekend At Bernie's | Caribbean Stout, 7.0%ABV, 25IBUs

A tropical stout fermented with our native wild yeast and microbes. Brewed with cocoa nibs, coffee, ginger, coconut and lime peel.

Lime In The Gose-nut | Gose, 5.%ABV, 10IBUs

A mixed-fermentation Gose using our house sour blend. Brewed with smoke sea salt and lime peel.

Camille  |  Saison,  5.5%ABV, 25IBUs

Brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and over hopped for a saison, this is our everyday drinking saison.  Notes of Citrus, grapefruit, and hay.

Vivid Sol | Wild IPA,  8.0%ABV, 65IBUs

An IPA brewed with our native wild yeast and microbes with five pounds  of hops per barrel. Notes of pineapple, mango, citrus, and lemongrass.


A clean and crisp ale that is light in color and malt.