Introducing Wild Mind Crowlers

Wild Mind Crowler Label

Had a pint (or three) of our triple IPA (Vivid Gold) and want to bring some home? You’ll soon be able to!

This Tuesday, we’re adding crowlers to the ‘to-go beer’ options in the taproom. You’ll still be able to get your 64oz growler filled in the taproom with many of our house beers, but the crowlers will now allow you take home limited and exclusive beers from the taproom.

 All crowlers will be prefilled, meaning we’ll sanitize the cans, purge them with CO2, fill from the bottom, and then seal them up. We’ll then use a dissolved oxygen meter to measure the beer post fill to ensure the cans are void of any oxygen. This process means the canned beer will stay fresh much longer than if we filled them directly from the tap.

The crowlers will also allow us to create a range of exclusive, one-off variations of our house beers. A citra dry-hopped Hifi Wifi? Yes. A raspberry-infused Camille? Absolutely. In fact, our first crowler beer will be our Vivid Gold triple IPA with pineapple. (Spoiler: It’s incredible.)

 Each batch of crowlers will be available in limited quantities and usually range in price from $8 to $13, depending on the style of beer. All of our double and triple IPAs, massive stouts, and other limited beers you’ve seen on tap will now also be available in some crowlers that you can take to the next family gathering, the lake, or hide one in the back of your fridge for yourself. We won’t tell.