Wood cellar

Welcome to the terroir behind Wild Mind Artisan Ales. This 550 barrel facility, made entirely of oak, has traveled as far as Italy to help us promulgate age and complexity onto each of our beers. Rich notes of bright oak and previous barrel residuals such as white wine, red wine, and gin gives our process a further reach into beer refinement. Our meticulous processes, usually dependent on style, take anywhere from a couple months up to many years before reaching your glass. We design our recipes around wild and spontaneous fermentation - each batch of beer will taste different than the previous batch.

1 Coolship

Utilizing the age-old process of open-air fermentation, our coolship vessel enables us to cool and inoculate wort with the funky yeast and microbes that live within our cellar walls. This process can take up to many years to produce a clean beer, and generates some of the more complex and historically respected offerings that our brewery has to offer.

9 Foeders

With capacities up to 45 barrels, these Italian and American oak giants shelter a wide range of our more robust beer experiments. Among them, our Solera Project, a constant blend from a single vessel, allowing us to add and keg aging beer at any time. This gives us a chance to regularly test, tinker, and reinvigorate the existing ecosystems with fresh wort and microbes, changing it a little bit, every time.

184 Barrels

Giant barrels.jpg

From Sonoma and Napa County to local friends at Tattersall and Vikre distilleries, our barrels fill the most space in our cellar and generate the largest effect onto our beers - which once housed white wine, gin, or whiskey, that bestows complex flavors.